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Gibbs Pharmacy started in 1989 by Owner and Lead Pharmacist, Jim Gibbs. Byron Pirtle and Jim became business partners in 1997. Together, Jim and Byron have successfully created a small town Pharmacy with "Big City" technology. At Gibbs Pharmacy, it is about the entire patient, from prevention to overall wellness. The Pharmacists at Gibbs Pharmacy have over 100 years combined experience. The Technician staff has over 75 years combined experience. Jim Gibbs has been on the University Medical Center hospital campus over 25 years and knows the local Doctors and their practicing habits. The combination of expertise and personal counsel has made Gibbs Pharmacy the place to care for the wellness of your entire family.

Gibbs Pharmacy strives to provide complete care for each patient. That may include more than just dispensing medication. See what other services Gibbs Pharmacy can provide to you or your business!


We are proud to employ 4 pharmacists and 12 certified technicians. Our fully staffed pharmacy is equipped to devote the time necessary to fill your prescription accurately. Our owners, Jim Gibbs, Andrew Byrd, and Christi Orman constantly strive to improve our pharmacy's workflow and minimize errors.


We respects our patients and their time. We all lead busy lives and Gibbs Pharmacy understands the importance of dispensing prescriptions in a timely manner. The majority of our prescriptions are prepared within 10-15 minutes. We also offer a convenient and quick drive-thru service.


We recognizes that the care of a patient involves more than just pills. We offer enhanced services such as immunizations, wellness screenings, compounding and diabetes care. We also utilize the latest innovations in automation and technology to ensure that patients receive the best care possible!

Meet Our Healthcare Family

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James Gibbs, DPh

James is lead Pharmacist and owner of Gibbs Pharmacy. Jim graduated from Samford University College of Pharmacy. He began his pharmacy career in 1979 and later opened Gibbs Pharmacy in 1989. His co-owner and partner until 2018 was Byron Pirtle. Jim has always run a progressive and diverse business. He strives to set his pharmacy apart from others. He is passionate about running a pharmacy that is more than just a business, but rather focused on building strong relationships with the community.

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Andrew Byrd, Pharm D.

Andrew Byrd is lead Pharmacist and owner of Gibbs Pharmacy. Andrew graduated from Lipscomb University's College of Pharmacy in 2013. While he has acted as a staff pharmacist for several years, he recently purchased his share of Gibbs Pharmacy and became co-owner and partner to Jim Gibbs.

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Christiana Orman, CPhT

Christiana is the Pharmacy Operations Manager and recent partner of Gibbs Pharmacy. Christi manages all of our vaccination programs and coordinates all staff duties. She has been an employee since she was 17 years old and has dedicated her heart to this business. As Christi grew from a pharmacy technician to recent owner, she developed award-winning leadership skills. Christi has worked exceptionally hard to redirect our pharmacy workflow and implement our enhanced services to offer Wilson County the best pharmacy experience. Outside of the pharmacy, Christi is an avid beach-goer and Nashville Predators enthusiast! She spends her free time with her husband and two beautiful children.


Mark Moore, PharmD

Mark is a compounding Pharmacist at Gibbs Pharmacy. He attended undergrad at MTSU for exercise science, received a masters in kinesiology from Mississippi State and attended Pharmacy school at the Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy. Mark first came to Gibbs Pharmacy on a rotation as a pharmacy student and enjoyed the family environment of Gibbs so much that he came back! Mark is from the Murfreesboro area, and has a special interest in compounding and men’s health. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, and enjoys crossfit and hunting!

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Hannah Markum, PharmD

Hannah was born and raised here in Lebanon. She earned her undergraduate degree at Tennessee Tech in Cookeville then moved to Knoxville as a student in the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy. During pharmacy school, Hannah came back to Lebanon to work for us. After her graduation, Hannah worked for a chain pharmacy in Columbia. She is happy to return to Lebanon after her time away. Hannah says she loves working for a small-town independent pharmacy. She loves the advantage of getting to know her patients personally and help them in anyway possible. Away from work, Hannah enjoys spending her free time on the farm with her family.

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Kimberly Maxey

Kimberly is a Pharmacist here at Gibbs Pharmacy. Kim is a graduate of the University of Tennessee's College of Pharmacy. She also works as a diabetic educator at the Gibbs Education Center.

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Byron Pirtle

Byron is a Pharmacist and past co-owner of Gibbs Pharmacy. Byron is a graduate of Samford University.

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Keri Sutton, CPhT

Keri is a Certified Pharmacy Technician and Sync Coordinator. Keri has been an employee of Gibbs Pharmacy for 17 years. She has many roles in the pharmacy. Keri began as a compounding technician, but has been the lead technician for the last 10 years. Currently, Keri is the Enhanced Patient Services Manager.

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Jennifer Blackburn, CPhT

Jennifer is a Certified Pharmacy Technician, Sync Coordinator and Group Home Med Manager. Jennifer is a long time employee of Gibbs Pharmacy and has managed many different roles in the pharmacy. She is very passionate about her patients and cares deeply for each one.

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Bonnie Hawk, CPhT

Bonnie is a Certified Pharmacy Technician and Long Term Care Specialist (Med Packaging). Bonnie, a Wilson County native, has an associates degree and has been a certified pharmacy technician since 2001. She manages the running inventory of our pharmacy and helps with packaging.

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Jennifer Burton, CPhT

Jennifer is a Certified Pharmacy Technician and Long Term Care Specialist (Med Packaging). Jennifer has been working in the pharmacy field for 19 years.


Amy Roark, CPhT

  • Amy is originally from Portsmouth, OH and spent most of her life in Canton, GA. She became a certified Pharmacy Technician in 2009, working primarily in compounding in a hospital pharmacy. Amy is the youngest of three sisters and enjoys reading and cooking in her free time. Amy is currently pursuing a degree at South College. Amy came to Gibbs Pharmacy in the summer of 2020. Having spent the last several years in a hospital pharmacy, she is very excited to be working in a community pharmacy setting. Amy is a member of our compounding team, working alongside Mark and Cassie in our compounding lab.


Amber Kirkland, CPhT

Amber came to work at Gibbs Pharmacy in the summer of 2020. Amber is from Alabama, but grew up primarily in Gallatin, TN. She has been in pharmacy for more than 10 years and greatly enjoys working in independent pharmacy and assisting with patient experience on a more personal level. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and her dog.


Amber Brady, CPhT

  • Amber came to Gibbs Pharmacy as a certified technician of 10 years, with experience in the Parata Packaging system. She grew up in McMinnville and later relocated to Alexandria, TN. In her free time, she and her family enjoy drag racing. Amber is a member of our long term care and medication packaging team. She takes pride in providing a packaged product to patients that allows them not to worry about having to organize and remember their medications!
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Julie Carpenter, CPhT, MA

Julie is a patient care liaison embedded in four local providers offices. She specializes in prior authorization, audit preparations, and insurance inquiries. Julie is from Nevada but now calls Tennessee her home.

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Spencer Fields, CPhT.

Spencer is a Certified Pharmacy Technician at Gibbs Pharmacy. He is a passionate and hard working technician who loves to help anyone in need.


Marsha Terry, RPhT and Customer Service

Marsha has worked in the pharmacy field since 2016. She has experience in Long Term Care and retail pharmacy. As a Registered Pharmacy Technician, Marsha utilizes her passion for helping people and bettering patient care in this position. She is a great mother to four children.

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Eleese Huddleston

Eleese is a recent graduate from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. She enrolls in pharmacy school at the UT Health Science Center in Memphis in the fall of 2018.


Christian Bardon, CPhT

Christian is a graduate of Siegel High School and a native of Middle Tennessee. Christian was hired as a member of our Customer Service team in 2018 and passed her pharmacy technician certification exam in 2019. As a CPhT, Christian serves as our Specialty Operations Coordinator at the pharmacy, overseeing specialty medication and workers comp programs. She also leads our customer service workflow.

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Samantha Sircy, CPhT

Samantha began working in the Customer Service Department at Gibbs Pharmacy in 2016. She has a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration Middle Tennessee State University and became a Certified Pharmacy Technician in 2018. Samantha now manages the daily workflow of our Personal Fill Program (Sync).

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Missy Stewart, CPhT

Missy is a Wilson County native and is very involved in our community. While she has a BS degree from MTSU, she has also been a Certified Technician since 2010. Currently, Missy is the pharmacy’s lead retail technician.

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Holly McCrorey, CPhT

Holly graduated as a Medical Assistant from Fortis Institute in 2012. In 2013, she began her career as a pharmacy technician and then completed her certification the following year. Holly has utilized all of her skills as both a MA and Certified Technician at Gibbs Pharmacy since she joined us in 2018. She has recently advanced to the role of clinical services coordinator and oversees our on site vaccines and point of care testing.

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Cassandra Jones, CPhT

Cassandra has been a Certified Technician since 2013. She has been actively compounding since her certification, and manages the compounding lab under our compounding pharmacist.

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Vicky Edging, CPhT, Customer Service

After spending over 25years working for a large pharmacy corporation, Vicky decided that she wanted to work for an independent pharmacy. She loves the decision she made! Since working for Gibbs Pharmacy, Vicky has gotten to interact with customers much more and loves helping them. Although we are very busy, she loves the laid-back atmosphere. Vicky is married with three sons. Her sons are all married and have given Vicky seven grandchildren that she is very proud of and loves very much. In her free time, Vick really enjoys going to live Rock concerts and enjoys the local Rock music scene.


Jennifer Powell, CPhT

Jenny grew up on a farm in Valatie, NY but relocated to Middle Tennessee in 2016. She became a certified pharmacy technician at the end of 2019, and is also a certified personal trainer and diabetic educator. She loves combining nutrition and physical fitness to help train and teach people how to live healthier lifestyles. At Gibbs Pharmacy, Jenny is one of our clinical services coordinators. Jenny helps to schedule and execute our vaccine clinics. She also coordinates our ADCES accredited diabetes education program, as well as our nutrition and weight loss coaching programs. For inquiries about education or vaccine clinics contact jenny.gibbspharmacy@gmail.com.

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Kati Pierce, CPhT

Kati is one of our customer service associates and is a Wilson County native, growing up in the Lebanon area from the age of 4. In her free time she prioritizes spending time with her family and loved ones. Kati enjoys getting to know patients on a first name basis and upholds a high level of customer service to our community. Kati oversees our delivery program. Kati has recently become a Certified Pharmacy Technician as of 2021.

We are Pharmacy Preceptors for Lipscomb University and the University of Tennessee college of pharmacy.