At Gibbs Pharmacy, we are pleased to carry a wide array of supplies to provide assistance in a number of circumstances. Whether it be a young mother choosing to breastfeed, a teenager requiring crutches, a diabetic patient seeking comfortable shoes, or a woman seeking attractive bras and camisoles following a mastectomy, Gibbs Pharmacy can provide not only supplies but expertise as well.


Diabetic Shoes and Supplies

Medicare recipients being treated for diabetes are eligible for 1 pair of diabetic shoes per year.

  1. Our trained technicians measure your feet to properly fit your shoes.
  2. Choose from a wide variety of styles and colors of shoes.
  3. Provide a red,white and blue Medicare card and a secondary insurance if applicable.
  4. Once the shoes have arrived, our technicians then add inserts that are heat molded to fit each individual foot.


Medela Breastfeeding

Gibbs Pharmacy is proud to rent and sell Medela breast pumps and supplies. Medela is the number one brand endorsed and recommended by nurses and doctors. Call Cynthia Pedigo for prices or rental information. Click here for more information about Medela Breastfeeding.