Weight Loss Services

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Meet the Coach behind Ideal Protein at Gibbs Pharmacy

Meet our health and wellness coach, Jenny Powell! Working in our Clinical Services department, Jenny is a certified pharmacy technician with a special interest in nutrition and diabetic education. Jenny has been our weight loss coach for the Ideal Protein Protocol since June of 2021, and has a background in personal training as well.

Growing up on a farm in the northeast, she has always had a love for cooking and working with food and nutrition. Her favorite part about her job as a health coach at Gibbs is getting to support her patients through their lifestyle changes and health goals.

“I get to educate and help our patients create habits that will let them accomplish their goals and stay healthy long term, and I love celebrating their achievements with them.”

For more information on Ideal Protein at Gibbs, or to schedule an initial consultation with Jenny, call 615-657-5400.